Current investigations into local flood events

                                                                                                                                                        Page last updated: 21.9.2013

Following the 2012 floods Bath & North East Somerset Council) (B&NES) were legally obliged to undertake an investigation into the flood events of 2012, and commissioned JBA Consulting for this purpose. 

JBA Consulting have investigated the flood events and their probable causes, and reviewed the performance of grant funded property level flood protection measures. The reports and a briefing paper for Chew Magna are now published - see under Background reports (click to open)

The Environment Agency (EA) have also instigated the development of a computer model for use in predicting the consequences of a variety of scenarios such as rainfall, topography and the potential impact of the reservoirs. This model may assist with improving flood warnings and flood risk assessment. As and when this model becomes available the Forum will seek to be involved in subsequent use, analysis and discussions.

Also a student at Bath Spa University, James Gambs, undertook an investigation into these flood events, with a variety of objectives including the exploration of the effectiveness of property level flood protection previously installed on a number of properties; residents’ views on the causes of the flooding, and to evaluate existing flood management in Chew Magna.