About the Chew Valley Flood Forum.

                                                                                                                                                           Page last updated: 2.7.2018


The Chew Valley Flood Forum (CVFF) was formed following the 2012 floods. The Forum aims to gather local villagers’ concerns and ideas regarding flooding in the valley, and represent them - acting as a pressure group and channel for communication. Its main objectives are to find ways to reduce the risk of flooding and mitigate its effects. The CVFF is affiliated to the National Flood Forum.

Co-chaired by Rachel Wilson and Mike Curtis, the CVFF’s Steering Committee has engaged with a wide range of organisations over the last five years, including The Environment Agency, B&NES, Bristol Water, the University of the West of England, the West of England Rural Network, and the Association of British Insurers. Discussions have covered the many issues surrounding the future direction of flood protection and water management.

The CVFF reviewed, challenged and ensured action on the studies which investigated the causes and impacts of the 2012 floods on Chew Magna and Chew Stoke. These led to the installation by The Environment Agency and B&NES of Enhanced Property Level Protection on houses at risk of flooding in Chew Magna. The CVFF helped to establish the Chew Magna Community Flood Plan and made inputs to Government Consultations on the creation of the Flood Re-insurance scheme that helps homeowners in need of insurance in flood risk areas.

Water course gauges, Flood Alerts and Warnings, and surface water flows are recent areas of investigation and activity. Of particular interest is Natural Flood Management – which the CVFF Steering Committee believes is the way forward for flood mitigation in the Chew Valley catchment - which is a rapid response flood area.

CVFF membership is currently around 70 households, but more members would be welcome, especially from Chew Stoke, Winford and the Harptrees, to ensure effective community involvement to achieve improvements in flood mitigation. If you would like to join, please contact the Secretary, chewvalleyfloodforum@gmail.com