About the Chew Valley Flood Forum.

                                                                                                                                                           Page last updated: 21.9.2013


The Forum was created in May 2013 following the experience of floods in Chew Magna in the previous September and November.  The Forum seeks to represent the interests of residents, identify needs and seek to address them, to work closely with the Environment Agency, B&NES, Bristol Water and local Parish Councils, and to lobby MPs/Government for action and resources and effective policies for example in relation to insurance.

Initially set up by residents in Chew Magna, it is also open to villages and communities across the Chew Valley wanting to get involved. This may help ensure that mutual concerns about flooding and opportunities for action and representation are pursued collectively.  

The Forum has no formal membership, so involvement in its meetings is open to anyone.

The Forum has set up a Steering Committee which also now includes representatives from Chew Stoke. The Committee will coordinate the work of the Forum and represent the interests of residents affected or threatened by flooding. The Co-Chairs are Mike Curtis and Rachel Wilson, the Secretary is Philip Hales and the Treasurer is Iris Gall.

The CVFF Co- Chairs, Mike Curtis and Rachel Wilson, met with the EA and other authorities over the summer to review progress with the independent investigations (JBA Consulting) and to consider the process for involving the Steering Committee, Flood Forum members and wider community in responding to the results and recommendations when these are published. An article  (click to open) about the flood forum appeared in the Chew Valley Gazette in September.

The Forum has applied to be affiliated to the National Flood Forum (click to open)

 Residents or property owners of Chew Magna or from across the Valley who wish to join the forum, or find out more, are invited to contact the Forum Steering Committee (click to open)